Big Toy Tours

Selling Your Big Toys FASTER!


Got an ad running on in the newspaper or Craigslist for your RV, Boat, Truck, Motorcycle or any other big toy?  The BlueLaVaMedia Big Toy Tour is a VERY inexpensive way for you to stand out among the rest and sell your toys faster online.

Our Big Toy Tours allow you to send us up to 20 of your own images and we’ll create the V-Slide for you and simply email you the link.  Use your link in the newspaper, on Facebook, E-Bay, Craigslist, or on any other site that you desire.

We’ll keep your Big Toy Tour online forever allowing you to hold the memories of your cherished belongings long after you’ve sold them.

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Ready to order? To insure that we get everything that we need please follow the following tips:

  • We only accept .jpg images. No other format will be accepted.

  • Set your camera resolution to 1024 x 768, or 1280 x 960 before taking your photos. Taking larger images will delay the process and will not make your final product look any better.

  • Before sending us your images please rename each image accordingly and in the way you would like it to read in your tour.

  • After placing your order below simply email your images to