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Powerful Marketing Tools

BlueLaVaMedia provides you with all of the great tools you could ever imagine or need when it comes to marketing yourself, your business and your properties online. Backed by the world leader in virtual tour software and #1 Ranking virtual tour company on the Internet, you will find that our marketing tools are always evolving faster than anyone else. As your dedicated property marketing partner, we make sure the virtual tours you order from us today are still making you look your best tomorrow.

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Our Most Powerful Marketing Tools

Impressive Virtual Tour Layout:

The BlueLaVaMedia virtual tour window is powered by Real Tour Vision technology and delivers every feature that you could ever imagine and more!

When you order your very first virtual tour from us we will take you through all of the aspects of our marketing system so you will get the most mileage out of our products.
virtual-tour-window (1)

All of our interactive 360 virtual tours

  • Display the FULL SCREEN button to instantly change the tour view to be a FULL SCREEN for a High Definition viewing experience
  • Send a weekly hit report that is sent directly to you via email
  • Are portable to your favorite social networking sites – Read More
  • Offer a large virtual tour window and very fast download time over any connection
  • Are extremely portable and can be sent from one person to the next
  • Are branded to match your website
  • Link directly to your virtual tour gallery which displays all tours on file
  • Allow for posting to
  • Allow for very simple hot spot, dropdown menu, or auto play navigation
  • Have a secret button to check web traffic directly from the tour
  • Display agent or tour owner contact information and links to e-mail, website and online virtual tour gallery
  • Showcase agent or owner photograph to further customize the tour window
  • Offer AudioPal tour voice overs and music clips
  • Support full motion HD video playback
  • Allow viewers to easily e-mail a link to the virtual tour to family and friends
  • Feature a download button that allows viewers to download the tour to disk for easy distribution via thumb drive or other types of media
  • Can be accompanied by a custom printable flyer or a floor plan
  • Showcase additional city and school information which can be accessed directly from the tour
  • Display detailed MLS and property or business information
  • Allow for scene by scene text based descriptions
  • Can be easily viewed from any internet enabled computer, laptop or device
  • Rank naturally in the search engines based on property address, business name or owner name.

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Mobile Virtual Tours (Now Playing on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, More)

“Our tours are 100% mobile ready! Get more reach than ever before as iPad, iPhone.  iPod, BlackBerry and  Android users view your listings on the go!
Scan the QR Code Below with your phone and see the power of our Mobile Virtual Tour!
Want more? Your weekly hit report will reveal how much mobile traffic you get!”

Our new formatting provides the mobile viewer with unparalleled control, a view of the entire screen and the site navigation menu. This technology requires minimum scrolling and has exclusive features that take advantage of mobile phone advancements such as SMS (TXT Connect), click to call and QR codes.

The mobile tour is interactive for those with touch screens and allows users to scroll through the 360 panoramas and still images while enjoying an elegant fade from image to image. The technology has been enabled on both core products, the HD V-Slide and HD V-Tour so all of our customers can enjoy these new developme

This new mobile exposure provides for the perfect opportunity for our customers to start using QR Codes in their marketing packages. Our new 2011 Exposure Engine comes with a nice LARGE 500 x 500 printable QR Code!

Because of the customization and flexibility of the our weekly hit reporting system, you will be able to track the number of times your virtual tours and V-Slides are accessed by the scanning of a QR Code!

BlueLaVaMedia Exposure Engine: (Now With & Macro-SEO Site Included!)

What good is getting a virtual tour from anyone if it is not being seen by the largest audience as possible? A Big reason home sellers use a listing agent to sell their home is to get the maximum exposure that only a listing agent can bring to the table.

Our virtual tours, understanding of organic SEO, and syndication is so far ahead of our competition that you will be amazed at the traffic you’re getting when your weekly hit reports come in. We even send hot leads your way as your listings generate questions and comments from interested parties!!

The BlueLaVaMedia Exposure Engine allows you to do what you do best; list and sell, while we do the rest.

How does it work?
As your virtual tour gets listed on portal sites, directories, your website, the MLS and our blog this starts to create many back links to the virtual tour. In the end, this means that your virtual tour presentation page will build natural rank when web browsers search for your name and the listing address. That’s right…when you Google any of our customers names or the addresses of their listings, you are more than likely to see their virtual tours popping up in the search engine results pages.

Where does it go?
Your listing & virtual tour will appear on, YouTube, Oodle, HotPads, BackPage, Reachoo, OLX, Geebo, Trovit,,, Facebook, Twitter  and Pinterest. Additionally, as long as your listing goes to the TAAR MLS the virtual tour will be picked up by Zillow, Trulia and other important real estate portals. Listings pushed to our exposure engine receive on average 50% MORE viewings than those that are not.

Any Extras?
You bet! When you order your Exposure Engine you will also receive:

  1. A gorgeous and fully customizable printable flyer that you can include in your listing box or use for the open house – Example
  2. A sleek looking Macro-SEO site that allows you to show everything about the home on a single page.  Perfect for posting to your social sites! – Example
  3. An E-Brochure which is an email-ready version of your printable flyer so you can easily share listing details and your virtual tour with prospects – Example
  4. A printable QR code for magazines, rider signs and newspapers which allow mobile users to scan and go directly to your HTML 5 mobile friendly virtual tour
  5. Lead Capture features can be enabled upon request allowing you to take advantage of up to six unique forms of lead capture tools built into our powerful Fusion virtual tour system
  6. The BlueLaVaMedia Hot Sheet which is sent out via email to hundreds of local real estate agents every month as we create new area virtual tours SEE A SAMPLE HOT SHEET HERE

To subscribe to our virtual tour feed simply visit and sign up on the right hand side of the website or CLICK HERE.

Read More: BlueLaVaMedia Exposure Engine (98 Sites!!)


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Agent Virtual Tour Website & FREE Agent Listing Gallery Pages: Now SEO Enhanced

With the purchase of your very first BlueLaVaMedia virtual tour we will create for you an online gallery that will display ALL of your virtual tour listings that you carry with us.  When your home sells we even mark those properties as sold.  You can easily link your virtual tour gallery onto your website so visitors can view all of your virtual tour listings in one easy-to-find location.

Our new gallery pages are now Search Engine Optimized. This is a great opportunity for you to promote yourself, so take advantage of it! Your virtual tour gallery will also display a short welcome message that best describes you, your unique offerings and credentials.

This is a great SEO tool for you to promote yourself as a source of real estate information in your town. And for a mere $20.00, we are also able to register you a custom domain name that will forward directly to your virtual tour gallery page!

Finally you will be happy to know that the BlueLaVaMedia Social Ignition functionality has now also been added to the upper right hand side of your gallery page allowing your gallery to be easily bookmarked in the major social networking sites.


Our Per Request FREE Gift:

The concept is simple; give home sellers a gift they will keep forever and therefore send you more referrals in the future.  Per request, for each tour that we create for you, we will program, burn and snail mail a CD sales presentation thank you gift. When placed into any CD or DVD ROM drive the presentation will begin. Your photo, contact information, a thank you message and a link to the virtual tour are displayed all on your behalf and at no extra cost to you.

Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting:

Real estate agents need them and home sellers will love you for them! Hit statistic reports show not only where virtual tour views are coming from but they also display which scenes from within the 360 tours are being viewed the most. The BlueLaVaMedia traffic reporting system will tell you where your precious marketing dollars are best spent. Most importantly, the BlueLaVaMedia traffic reports will automatically be sent out to you once a week for your review. Can your virtual tour offer you that?

Single Property Websites:

80% of buyers use the internet to search for a home. In addition, 71% of all home buyers mentioned the yard sign as an important source of information.  By using a property specific Website to showcase your listing’s virtual tour, the buyer gets exactly what they were looking for; rich, detailed, images and information about the seller’s property instantly and without digging for it.

In a hurry? Download our marketing InfoPack HERE.

Our Per Request FREE Gift:

The concept is simple; give home sellers a gift they will keep forever and therefore send you more referrals in the future.  Per request, for each tour that we create for you, we will program, burn and snail mail a CD sales presentation thank you gift. When placed into any CD or DVD ROM drive the presentation will begin. Your photo, contact information, a thank you message and a link to the virtual tour are displayed all on your behalf and at no extra cost to you.

Interactive Floor Plan Services: For floor plan pricing and ordering Click Here

Floor plans allow home buyers to even more easily visualize the design of the property.  Both our 2D and 3D floor plans are created by using original blue prints and if the home has already been built with just a quick visit to the home we can have all of the data that we need to create professional quality plans at an exceptional value.

BlueLaVa Media just made 2D floor plans even more informative and compelling.  We combine the floor plan with beautiful photographs of your home which brings properties to life and helps viewers visualize them more accurately.

When the user places the mouse over a camera icon, a small photograph appears over the plan, illustrating the room pictured. By clicking on an image the photograph can then be expanded to full-screen size. Viewers can also watch a full ‘slide show’ of all the photographs of the property.

2D Floor Plan Sample With Photos:

Blue Bird’s-Eye Elevated Photography: NEW 40 FOOT SHOT!!

BlueLaVaMedia is very proud to be able to offer you unique products such as our elevated shots.  We are the very first virtual tour company in Northern Michigan to offer this service. Elevated shots capture an amazing view of your home and property.

The already amazing Jim Blue is now able to reach views only attainable from a THIRD and FOURTH story window. It’s simply impossible to achieve this sort of impact from the ground.  Bring your real estate listings and property to the top by adding on one of our elevated shots with any of your virtual tours today.

Click here to Sample our Blue Bird’s Eye Gallery

Night Shots & The Perfect Closing Gift:

Night, twilight and sunset photographs really make a listing stand apart from others on the market. When the deck and porch lights are lit, homes have that warm and inviting glow about them. You will simply love the magical and enchanting effect our secret night lens has on your prospects as they view your virtual tours enhanced with our night shots.

Each high resolution night shot is used within your virtual tour, emailed to you for printing and best of all when the home sells just give us a call and we will have beautiful 8 x 12’s printed off for you at no additional charge.

These amazing prints make a perfect and memorable gift for the home seller! With your night shots hanging on walls all over town you too are remembered forever. A great marketing tool and gift rolled into one!

The BlueLaVaMedia Hot Sheet:

Keep an eye out for our new real estate listing Hot Sheet. The BlueLaVaMedia Hot Sheet comes from our new virtual tour portal found at and is an email feed that gets sent out when our virtual tour directory gets filled up with brand new listing tours for you to look at!  If you signed up for our newsletter you will automatically be signed up to receive our Hot Sheet!

The Hot Sheet is a fantastic way to keep an eye on Northern Michigan real estate and best of all every listing on the Hot Sheet has a virtual tour attached!  See one of our previous Hot Sheets Here.

360 Tour Discs:

With BlueLaVaMedia every one of your clients will get a little something special that will allow them to not only remember their home forever but you as well. We mail out a CD to the home seller every time we do a virtual tour for you. A CD with YOU and their home on it is certainly something they will keep forever. If you would like to market your services, business and property offline, our discs are the perfect solution for you as well. You can order additional discs after we shoot your virtual tour and we will mail these directly to you. Our virtual tour discs are a very unique marketing tool that is the perfect upgrade to your BlueLaVaMedia virtual tours! Available in business card size only.

Tour discs are great for sales centers, open houses, investor opportunities, and much more. Leave your customers remembering what you have to offer by handing them out as a keepsake for your client and even as a business card!

Custom BlueLaVa Printable Flyers:

BlueLaVa Flyers: Who better to create your listing flyers for you than your partners in property marketing! We already have all of your listing data, home descriptions and images so creating a custom made printable flyer for you only takes a few extra minutes. Let us build all of your flyers for you while you do the important things like listing and selling.   Click here to see a sample BlueLaVa Flyer

360 Tour Voiceovers and Professionally voiced Tour Audio:

As you might already know all our virtual tours receive a free musical clip added to them.  We have an extensive clip gallery with over 100 royalty free sound bytes so be sure to let us know if you have a preference when you place your order with us.

Did you know you can personalize each tour further by having your voice or a professional voice on your tour? Guide your potential buyers or customers from the foyer to the veranda – from the cardio room to the locker room, highlighting the custom features along the way that may otherwise get overlooked. Customize the text of each tour to interact specifically with your clients needs.

BlueLaVaMedia makes adding your own voice to your virtual tours very simple. Once we schedule and shoot your virtual tour, simply call our toll free line 877-941-8687 and press EXT 3 to leave your voiceover onto our system. As long as you “say” the address at some point in your description our system will automatically place your voiceover onto that specific virtual tour!! Can this get any easier???

Should you decide that you would like to have a professional voice appear on your virtual tour, BlueLaVaMedia has access to over 10 different and unique professional voices for you to choose from. Does your slideshow do that?