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BlueLaVa by Owner Tour

BlueLaVa by Owner Tour

Our BlueLaVa By Owner tour gives you a solid foundation for marketing your home online and off.

BlueLaVa by Owner Tour Includes:

  • Up to 9 Spins (Panoramic Images)
  • Up to 15 Still Images
  • Interactive custom hot spots enabled
  • Custom virtual tour window
  • Virtual tour music enabled
  • Email tour enabled for online sharing
  • Download tour enabled for CD sharing
  • Listing data posted to your tour
  • Your photo and contact information
  • Property description posted to tour
  • Automatic weekly tour traffic reports
  • Map, satellite, city and school data incl
  • One year of virtual tour hosting*
  • FREE YEAR of text updates on tour

*A fee of $39.00 is billed annually and includes virtual tour hosting and free textual virtual tour updates for one (1) additional year.

Must Purchase

  • Single Property Website

    We make your home easier than ever to find both online and off with our Single property website.  We turn your home address and your interactive 360 virtual tour into an entire website making it easier than ever for you to run your ads in the newspaper and drive more traffic to your online tour for prequalification. Because our single property websites are SO EFFECTIVE highly recommend this in addition to the purchase of your virtual tour.

    Make your single property site even MORE effective with the purchase of a Sign Rider!

    *A fee of $25.00 is billed annually and includes single property website renewal for one (1) additional year.

Highly Recommended

  • BlueLaVa Custom PDF Flyers $15.00

    We will create a very professional custom PDF flyer for your home and attach it right to your virtual tour. From there you can simply download, print and keep a stock of flyers in your information tube. Now that’s EASY!

Highly Recommended

    • FSBO Aerial Drone Marketing Package

      Now Only $299.00

      Our BlueLaVa By Owner tour gives you a solid foundation for marketing your home online and off.
      We’re proud to be 100% FAA Approved and ready to fly. BlueLaVaMedia has two licensed pilots on staff and three registered drones. Add our new Aerial Drone Marketing Package to any of your FSBO professional photography sessions for only $299!

      You get up to sixty seconds of full motion HD aerial video and up to six HD aerial images. Both will be incorporated into your BlueLaVaMedia interactive media presentation. As always our images and video footage will be given to you to use on other websites.
      100% FAA Compliant & Certified

      Exemption Number: 13680
      Docket Number: FAA-2015-3355
      Issued: Nov 18, 2015
      Registered Drones – N357BL – N357JL
      Highly Recommended
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Highly Recommended

  • CD With High Res Images For Print $10.00

    When you’re already paying to have a professional virtual tour photographer shoot your home, why save those images for later use and print? BlueLaVaMedia will give you all of our original images and panoramas burned onto a single CD for you to do with as you please.


  • Night Shots $60.00

    Night, twilight and sunset photographs really make a listing stand apart from others on the market. Homes look better in the evening and have a warming glow to them.
    You will simply love the magical and enchanting effect of Jim Blue’s evening lens. Looks great framed and makes for a wonderful keepsake.


  • Extra Panoramic Scenes and Snaps $25.00

    Does your home require more than 9 panoramic images and fifteen still shots? If so our snap packs and additional panoramic shots are just what you need to finalize your interactive 360 virtual home tour.

Snap Pack
(5 Snaps)

  • Additional Year of Hosting $39.00

    Your BlueLaVa By Owner virtual tour and single property site will remain active on our servers for a period of one year from your initial virtual tour delivery date. Should you need additional time we charge a nominal fee of $39.00 annually to renew your virtual tour and single property site for an additional year.

Required Annually