Northern Michigan Aerial Drone Services

We Offer Real Estate Aerial Photography, Drone Video & Other Drone Services.

Aerial Drone Photography

Capture stunning aerial views with our Aerial Photography service. Utilizing drones and aircraft, we provide high-quality photos and mapping, real estate, and enhanced property lines.

Aerial Drone Video

Experience real estate like never before with our Aerial Drone Video service. Gain a unique perspective of properties and showcase them in high-quality videos.

BlueLavaMedia Drone Services

No aerial drone project is too big or too small for our Traverse City based aerial drone service! BlueLaVaMedia has successfully delivered nearly one thousand aerial drone projects to local real estate agents and business owners. We are 100% FAA approved and certified. With three aerial done pilots on call, we can get to your project and turn it over to you quickly. With BlueLaVaMedia, you have high quality, rapid delivery speed, and affordable pricing on your side!

We proudly offer rich aerial media for real estate agents, home builders, vacation rental owners, and other Northern Michigan business owners for marketing purposes. If you’re looking for an edge in marketing that will grab potential clients attention BlueLaVaMedia’s aerial drone service is your answer. Get Started NOW!

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With low altitude close range drone photography and video, we are able to capture your view like no other. Drone-shot photos and videos have rapidly become a mainstay of real estate and small business marketing. Our agile radio-controlled quadcopter drone can elegantly maneuver along a driveway, swoop over homes, vacant property, construction sites and even ascend to the height of a future tower. Photos and videos taken from our drones are more visually appealing and unique than standard scenes from ground level.

We Are 100% FAA Approved & 107 Certified
FAA Issued: Nov 18, 2015
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aerial photography

Aerial Drone Photography Examples

Using our aerial drone photography we provide a distinctive view of properties available for sale, particularly for vast properties with outdoor areas. This method can enhance the property's attractiveness to potential buyers and boost the likelihood of a successful sale.

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Aerial Drone Video Examples

All of our aerial drone videos now include BlueLaVa Call-Outs which is our way of introducing visitors to a lake, stream, waterway, island, town or a major area landmark. We will always include at least one Call-Out and potentially up to three in every aerial drone video that we do for you.

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Enhanced Property Lines - Add-On

Real estate aerial drone service enhances property lines by providing unparalleled perspectives with breathtaking footage. The exceptional aerial drone service can elevate your real estate listings and accentuate the property lines, providing a unique and impressive view of the property. With this service, you can showcase the property's features and highlight its best angles, giving potential buyers a comprehensive understanding of the property's layout and surroundings.

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