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Let's get your home photo shoot ready!

Real Estate Photo Shoot Preparation With BlueLaVaMedia

Getting your home ready for professional photography is important. Remember that your real estate photos and interactive virtual tour will be on the web and available for viewers 24/7, so a little time spent preparing now will pay off greatly in the end.

Our average on-site time for a photo shoot is approximately thirty to sixty minutes depending on the package that was ordered. We will be photographing both the inside and outside of your home.

The photographer that will be coming will likely have several shoots booked for that day so time at each location is limited. It is important that your home be in the condition that you want it photographed, before the photographer arrives.

A little about Your shoot day

We are only in your house on average for 30-60 minutes, if you have special features of your home you would like photographed, let your agent know so we can get a heads up.

Make sure that your house is 100% show ready prior to the photographer's arrival.

We Will NOT:

Most Importantly - Declutter

The biggest issue you can address ahead of time is clutter. Look at your rooms as if you were looking at them through a camera . What catches your eye, will catch the eye of your viewer.
You want potential buyers looking at your home, not the stuff. Take a few moments to declutter each room and ensure things are in order.

Below are some tips to make sure your house is looking its best:



real estate photo lighting

Kitchen/Dining Areas

Photo Preparation Kitchen Dining Room


Home Bath Preperation

Living/Common Areas

Real Estate Photo Shoot Preparation


Exterior Real-Estate Photo Shoot Prep