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Traverse City Michigan Aerial Drone Phots & Videos


Get ready Traverse City! BlueLaVaMedia is bringing our drone photography and drone video services to Traverse City, Michigan. We are proud to now offer rich aerial media for real estate and small business marketing purposes. Real estate professionals need an edge to market their properties in a way that will grab potential clients attention.  Check it out –

As you can see from the amazing sample above, with low altitude close range drone photography and video we can do just that! Drone-shot photos and videos have rapidly become a mainstay of real estate and small business marketing. Our agile radio controlled quad-copter drone can elegantly maneuver along a driveway, swoop over homes, vacant property, construction sites and even ascend to the height of a future tower. Photos and videos taken from our drones are more visually appealing and unique than standard scenes from ground level.

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Issued: Nov 18, 2015
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