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Real Estate Photography Copyright

We recently had a couple of our customers ask us where we stand on the print use of our real estate photography. Since 2007, we’ve taken a very simple, logical, and local business approach to handling the copyright of your listing photos. We want to give our clients the most marketing potential with our photos. Do we own the copyright? Yes, but we allow you to do whatever you like with those photos to sell that home.

At BlueLaVa, every for-sale real estate photo package comes with the FULL high-resolution (HD) and resized MLS shots –

We don’t complicate or muddy the business transaction with paragraphs of legal copy for you to review before you submit those photos to the MLS or send them off to a magazine for print. You trust us to help you market properties better than anyone else in Northern Michigan. We trust (hope) that if you use our images in print marketing, you’ll think of BlueLaVaMedia and place our name or logo near/on the image in your ad or highway billboard.

Oh, and don’t worry – We’ll never resell the photos you purchased from us to another real estate agent. In fact, it’s our policy to connect you with the inquiring agent so you can decide how much you would like to sell the images for.

When we hired Jim Blue to help run the company in 2007, I was thrilled that as a professional photographer, Jim Blue shared this EXACT viewpoint regarding image copyright for real estate photos with me. I’m also very grateful that Garry Schram (a professional photographer of 20+ years and our new operations administrator) has the same ideology. At the end of the day, we maintain the right to use the photos to help market and sell our services.

The next time you wonder if you can use your for-sale real estate photos from BlueLaVa in a print ad, the answer is as simple as “Absolutely!”

Thanks for your support.


Jason & Team BlueLaVa

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